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Guardians of Tomorrow

Legacy gifts and our endowment help support River Garden's services and programs that allow residents and clients to maintain the dignity they deserve as older adults. The Guardians of Tomorrow program recognizes those who have indicated to us that River Garden Senior Services is included in their estate planning or who have made a gift to us in their will.

Guardians of Tomorrow members receive a beautiful Rosenthal sculpture, designed exclusively for the River Garden Foundation, which includes the Hebrew word "Chai," which means "Life." The gift is a small token of our appreciation for all that our friends are doing to assure the future of River Garden and in bringing life to the Northeast Florida community.

We are grateful to the people listed below** who have made the commitment, no matter their financial status, to guarantee River Garden will always be able to mobilize resources for evolving needs of older adults in Northeast Florida.

Janet & Norman Allison
Josh Ashby
Helen Avchin
Karen & Frank Backilman
Jack I. Bear*
Jack Becker*
Sally & Paul Becker*
Vera & Morton* Benjamin
Frances Berney*
Gary Bloom*
Rene Bonnett*
Becky & Benjamin Bromberg*
Laverne & Andy Cantor
Susan & Norman Cohen
Ronald S. Cohen
Marilyn & Bernie Datz
Nancy and Robert Dean
Theresa & Fred Dietsch
Anne DuBow*
Raymond Ehrlich*
Gloria Einstein
Sue & Ron Elinoff
Helen & Joseph Ellis*
Rose & Sidney Entman*
Miriam Frist*
Dorrie & Lanny Felder
Leonard Fink*
Phyllis & Robert Fischer
Lilo* & Harry Frisch
Rose Galin*
Esther & Samuel Galinsky*
Sheldon Gendzier
Susie & Marty Goetz
Michael Gold*
Rose Lee Gold*
Hilda & Sol* Goldman
Marguerite Goldstein*
Sara E. Green
Chary & Michael Greenburg
Edwin Greenfield*
Ann & Ed Grenadier
Doris Gross*
Polly & Arthur Gutman*
Ray Hardy*
E.J. Helow
Irma & Joe Horn*
Leah Horovitz*
Freda Isenberg*
Robert Jacobs*
Sam Janover*
Evelyn & Milt Kaden
Frank Kahn*
Irving Kaplan
Louis Kaplan*
Josephine J. Kaplan*
Isador Kaplan*
Mimi and Martin Kaufman
Marilyn & Marvin Kay*
Mrs. Susan Kay
Louis Kottle*
Lillie Ray Levy
Rose Lind*
Deanna & Michael Lissner
Jill & Mark Lodinger
Alberta Marks
Gail Meltzer
Irma Michelson*
Mildred Mizrahi*
Evelyn & Ralph Mizrahi*
Minnie Moss*
Vincent Narducci*
D. N. Oppenheimer*
Carole & Lawrence Ort
Lucille & Irving Oster*
Kathy & Morrie Osterer
Donna & Elliott Palevsky
Anne & Ed* Presser & family
Neil N. Presser*
Sue & Ned Price
Dr. Susan Price
Barbara & Harold* Resnick
Sondra Resnikoff
Ina Richter
Jeanine Rogozinski
Della Rosenberg*
Howard Rosenblatt
Lorry & Paul* Rothstein
Harriet & Edwin Safer
Marion Schaul*
Bessie Schriebman*
Hannah Setzer*
Beth & Mark Shorstein
Marilyn & H. C.* Sims
A. C. Sinclair
Irene Sloat
Dr. Michael Solloway*
Shirley Stone*
Martha & Fred Tromberg
Brent Turbow*
Dorothy & Harry* Verstandig
Dora Weil*
Sylvia L. & Isidore Weiss*
Beth & Howard Wolpoff
Arlene & Evan Yegelwel
Eunice & Barry Zisser

*of blessed memory

**As of 02/09/21

Please remember River Garden and the Jewish Community in your Estate and Legacy Giving.